A pourable, self-leveling, self-bonding, polymer enhanced resurfacer for a durable surface renewal of spalled, worn or damaged concrete.


  • concrete floor repair
  • cover spalled areas
  • driveway resurfacing
  • floor topping under 1"
  • floor resurfacing
  • patio resurfacing
  • porch resurfacing
  • sidewalk resurfacing
  • self-leveling underlay for floor coverings, carpets, wooden floors
  • thin section topping

Features and Technical Data

  • self-bonding, self leveling
  • forms a dense, non-shrink surface
  • for all normal traffic
  • meets with ASTM standards

11 lb pails (5 kg)
4 pails per case
44 lb bags (20 kg)
72 bags per skid


A 5 kg pail will cover an area of 8 sq ft to a thickness of 1/8". A 20 kg bag will cover an area of 32 sq ft to 1/8" thickness.


Clean surface free of oil, grease, dirt, mastic or curing compound. Scrub surface with water and detergent. Flush clean with water, leaving surface area damp. All floors must be solid and have a firm base. Repair all cracks and imperfections with Kwik Mix Hydraulic Cement or Concrete Patch.


Use Resurfacing Cement only when temperature is between 10C (50F) and 32C (90F). Add 4 parts Resurfacing Cement to 1 part water. Mix thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Let stand for 1 minute to allow Polymers to react, then re-mix. Material should be the consistency of heavy flowable batter - avoid a soupy mix. If required, add more material or water to adjust the mix.


Apply only to clean, damp, bare concrete. Do not apply to painted or sealed surfaces. Pour Resurfacing Cement over existing clean dampened concrete and disperse with a long handle spreader. The material is self-leveling during the first 10 minutes. The surface will accept foot traffic in about 6 hours - vehicular traffic in 24 hours. When used as an underlay, allow 24 hours to cure.


Protect from rapid evaporation (extreme sun and wind) by covering with plastic. Protect from rain for at least 4 hours. With cooler temperatures, allow longer curing time.

For best results

Smooth area should be roughened for a better bond. Area must be protected from extreme sunlight and excessive wind. Cooler temperatures require longer curing time. Use in temperatures between 10 C (50) and 32 C (90 F). Open to foot traffic in 6 hours, heavier traffic in 24 hours. Delay use if rain is expected.


Kwik Mix Concrete Resurfacing Cement contains Portland Cement. Direct contact may irritate eyes & skin. Wear protective clothing (gloves & safety glasses) when using this product. Wash exposed areas promptly with water. If material gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek immediate medical attention. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN and PETS.

Clean Up

Clean up is simple and easy with soap and water. Rinse tools with water before material hardens.

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